Monday, October 20, 2008

BM Jamboree Pre-assessment

While BM Jamboree is just around the corner; alot of training activities had get started in these recent couple of weeks, some may even have a regular daily training.

If you are able to wake up early on weekend morning, then try to spend some time outside, you may observe that nowadays alot more people are going out for a refreshing morning cycling exercise. It is more obvious around the area of Sungai Ara, Balik Pulau, Teluk Bahang, Penang Hill, Air Itam Dam and Mount Eskine. This kind of scenario is very encouraging, where people are more concious about their health and indirectly help to reduce the air pollution; however, please becareful when you are cycling on the road, we are still at the mercy of those Penangites who still do not know the courtesy of the road.

Nevertheless, Pawana Riders has also aggresively arranged for more training with tougher trail and challenging terrain each week. Everyone is looking forward for the D-day to come, BM Jamboree on 9th November 2008.

Questions that we might be asking ourself:
  • How well are we prepared for this coming Jamboree?
  • What can we expect during the race?
  • Is it dangerous?
  • Is it a technical ride or endurance ride?

Pawana Riders may not have all the answers for the questions above; however, as much as we can, we did some studies from the internet as well as from the sharing of those experianced rider who might have been regulary riding around BM. From these information, Pawana Riders try to digest it and share with all. We can not guarantee the accuracy of this information, and it just serve as a reference only.

The intention of the sharing is purely for a better preparation of each riders, so that everyone can safely complete the jamboree with joy and fun.

Below is the terrain view of the upcoming BM Jamboree. The starting point should be somewhere around Jalan Sungai Lembu with the first 5 KM of street cycling before exit from Jalan Kolam into Kampung Teluk Bukit for the adventurous offroad cycling.

From Kampung Teluk Bukit, riders will go thru all the up hills and down hills until they reach Mengkuang Dam, where it is expected to be an easy ride of 5km by cycling surrounding Mengkuang Dam. Even thought it is a flat terrain, but it could turn into a very challenging muddy trail if weather is too weat. In fact, it looks like raining season in Penang recently.

From Kampung Mengkuang Ulu, riders will be entering the next "Twin Peak" adventure. The Peaks reaching most 400m and 325m from the sea level respectively. Usually, this is the time when riders staminal, focus, endurance and knowledge will be tested. The path is learnt to be partly simen rendered and narrow, especially during the down hill.

So, please ensure you select the right tires, effective breking system, great balancing and most importantly respect for each others. Remember, this is just a Jamboree, not a Tournament nor Olympic, please do not put yourself and other rider's safety at risk.

Then, if you are able to pass thru this "Twin Peak", the end point is just a few kilometers away. Don't give up, just complete it. From the very rough analysis, the total distance is around 30km, but we believe it could be more.

We try to put the whole Jamboree trail into a different perspective, hope that it is useful to you and for your better understanding.

There will be more to come as and when we have the latest update.....please stay tuned.

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perlispowermtbclub said...

The trail looks like very interesting. Yes I agreed what you said,"remember, this is just a Jamboree, not a Tournament nor Olympic, please do not put yourself and other rider's safety at risk". Till meet there.