Sunday, October 19, 2008

Le Tour De Penang......Penang Round Island

After a long break, finally our Pawana Riders member becoming activate again. Last week, we have a good opportunity to cycle around Penang Island

6 youngsters from Pawana Riders made up the team, namely Turbo Raif, Khairi Jamis, Kencho, Zuhai Ida Puteh, and 2 members from Anwar's Territory (Permatang Pauh) which are Lee Roti Canai and Jan GT.

The route is as below:
Relau Shell Station (flagoff at 8:15am) -> Jln Tun Sardon -> Balik Pulau New Market -> Kpg Sg Rusa -> Kpg Batu Kecil -> Teluk Bahang Dam -> Teluk Bahang Market(Refuel at 10:30am) -> Batu Ferrighi -> Tj Bunga -> Tj Tokong -> Bagan -> Greenland -> Bt Urban -> Bayan Baru (destination at 12noon).
If you are not sure how far it is actually, you may refer to the Kencho Route posting.

Below are some pictures taken by Khairi Jamis and Jan GT along the trip.
Jan GT setting up his MTB with the help from Turbo Raif

Top view from Khairi Jamis MTB.

The first 1.40 km

Pawana Riders in pursuing to reach the top of Jln Tun Sardon.

Good down hill trail.

Top of Jln Tun Sardon, our first resting place. It looks so near yet so far.

Group Photo.

The first 10KM in climbing up Jln Tun Sardon.

The view of Balik Pulau Town from the resting place.

Lee Roti Canai and Jan GT

Lee Roti Canai and Jan GT again.

and again..... haiiih!

Khairi with his Jamis X-trail 3

Khairi Jamis again.

and again.....

Zuhai Ida Puteh.

Zuhai Ida Puteh looks relax.
Is time to move......last group photo

Easy ride to Balik Pulau Town, 10% declining

Easy ride

Turbo Raif in action!

me on the ride!
Zuhai Ida Puteh keeping on posting...anyone if loking for MTB modeling, please consider Zuhai.

Khairi Jamis in action.

Reaching Balik Pulau old town.

Durian Farm along the trail going to Teluk Bahang.

Another Durian Farm.
Natural waterfall, the enviroment was very cooling.

At mid way, we stopped a while at Titi Kerawang Waterfall. It is a great tourist spot.

some view at Titi Kerawang.

Khairi Jamis making his remark.

Lee Roti Canai was so happy about it.

As usual, we will post for photo again.

and again.....

Along Titi Kerawang, you will see such shop-lot selling mostly local topical fruits, snack and beverage.
A view of Pulau Betong.

Khairi Jamis...

And again....

Another posting from Zuhai Isa Puteh....he has the look and style right.

Teluk Bahang man-made dam.

Horizontal line dividing dam and sky...

so as usual, we will taken photo again.

We stopped by Teluk Bahang for a late breakfast. Roti canai for re-fuel.

In less than 2 minutes, he finished his roti canai. We was been informed that this is his first roti canai in 5 months time.
Turbo Raif enjoying his food.

The name tells all, Lee making his Roti Canai.... Lee Roti Canai. In fact, this is where he learnt from his sifu how to make it. Learn more about Teluk Bahang attraction from Sam Yeap.

Reaching Tj Bunga.

The Super-condominium costs about 1 million each..

Penang National Mosque.
Along Scotland Road... reaching Greeland soon.

Stopped by Shell Station for natural call.

Is already 67Km.

Batu Urban.
Penang Sole University... USM.
Total distance is about 70KM....

With average speed of 19.1km/hr....

Journey completed in 3 hours 40 minutes..

Well done for all 6 Pawana Riders, everyone safely completed the journey with fun and joy.

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Wong said...

yoyo ~ hi im from ipoh Cina nama simon , saya plan beli satu MTB saya ada satu Road bike lama tapi kira Racing bike berapa tahun lepas hehehe saya ada pigi penang saya call you orang keluar kayuh ok tak ? biasa saya pergi penang kat tahun baru cina , saya akan bawa MTB saya ke penang dan join you semua kayuh ok ?