Wednesday, July 30, 2008

How was your weekend???

As far as I can remember, I always found it very hard to answer this question from my colleague on every "Blur Blur" Monday morning. Sometimes you have to pretend and sometimes you have to cheat, just to make people around you feel great and energetic on the most boring day of a week, Monday.

Boss Dynacraft bertanya: " Morning Zuhai, how was your weekend?"
Zuhai: " Morning..good. I slept until noon, then i brought my family hanging around in Queenbay's Mall"
Boss Dynacraft: " That is good exercise, a nice way to spend your weekend"
Zuhai: " Nolah, just walk around, buy some toys and baju. Take some lunch then go back home"

Actually, walking is also considered as an exercise since Queenbay's Mall is so huge and has a few storey height. But the fact is that we never use stair case and always opt for lift or elevator. Summore, the more frequent to hang around big Mall, the faster you are going to burn your pocket, agree?

Boss Agilent: "Morning Ah Cheong, how was your weekend?"
Ah Cheong: " Good, good very good. I slept until 1pm because i drank too much on Saturday Nite, wake up, brought my family to the new Bayan Baru Old Town Kopitiam for lunch, watched a movie then sleep again until dinner time."
Boss Agilent: "Wah, good rest for you"
Ah CHeong: "correct, correct, correct!"

Is good to have rest over the weekend, but this is too much. The fat was significantly increased over the weekend, because of the B.E.S, Beer, Eat and Sleep. Summore, the pocket burnt into a bigger hole just to have the Saturday Nite Live... Walao...

As an active Pawana Riders member, how would you answer when such question is posted to you?
I bet it would be 180 degree different from the above.

Boss: "Pak Dam, minggu lepas apa lu buat, bagui ka?"
Pak Dam with a very high self esteem answer:
" Bagus, bangun pukul tujuh, dari Bukit Karpet, kayuh pi Balik Pulau makan roti canai telur bawang, then kayuh naik balik Bukit Karpet. "
Boss: " Roti Canai Balik Pulau sedap meh?"
Pak Dam: "Lapar lapar makan, memang sedap. Tapi bukan pasal roti canai, kayuh beskal tu yang lagi sedap, power lagi puas."
Boss: "Wah, macam tu tak letih meh?"
Pak Dam:"Letih tapi syok. Tak lah letih sangat, malam sebelumnya, makan telur, ubi, then tidur pukul 11 malam. Tak letih."

What is the fact? Pak Dam also burn something over the weekend, he burnt out all the fat! He eat enough, sleep enough and still have time for the family. The most important thing, he can speak with high esteem on Monday morning, knowing very well that he has a good, balance lifestyle.

So, let's keep this sport alive in Pawana Riders group. Continue encourage and motivate each other, let the fire keep on burning in Pawana Riders group.


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samyeap said...

pak cheong,

yeah..i can see u carry less fat nowadays.. keep up the good work..btw, did your boss compliment you on that? :) \